Sunday, April 2

George Willett Should be Complemented on an Incredible Ski Season

2005-2006 deserves to be remembered as one of the best ski seasons in recent memory. Week after week at Showdown, our local hill, the snow was incredible and well maintained, and crowds were plentiful.

Today is the last day to ski the hill for the season (unless, of course, you want to hike up and earn your turns). It is also the last day to get a great deal on a season pass for the 2006-2007 season, and your last opportunity--forever--to ride the poma lift or rope tow. Both will be replaced (the rope tow with a beginners chair, opening many new trails) over the summer.

The ski season was also great for my family. Every Saturday, I took the kids up to the hill (and got the family out of my wife's hair so that she could work in peace at home). My kids, five and seven, both started the year as strong intermediate skiers. I am proud to say that both can now ski on any trail on any mountain they like. Yesterday, I was thrilled to take my kids down Geronimo and Glory Hole. My boy, five, just pointed his skis down the headwall and went.

All in all, a great season. We are looking forward to November!

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