Thursday, April 12

Great Job GFECSC Webmaster!

For the third year, I am coaching my son's Minibolt (soccer) team. My first practice with the new team (they voted on the name "Seahawks" -- I guess a few of them like the American Football) was this everning.

Anyway, I am not a soccer guru. For six year old soccer, my main focus is to make sure that a parent brings a team treat after each game.

For that reason, my kids have fun -- but the drilling of the soccer fundamentals might be a bit behind schedule.

This year, I was looking through the new website for the Electric City Soccer Club. Low and behold; lesson plans! Simple games/drills for the kids; and they actually learn something about the game.

Anyway, many thanks to the club and the the clubs webmaster for putting such useful information online. The boys had (and kicked) a ball!

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