Thursday, April 21

Enough with the Politics Already!

OK, it is almost Pesach. I will be posting a Passover recipe before Seder.

In the meantime, here are a few links that I enjoyed:


UPDATE: Sorry I didn't get the recipes posted. I owe you recipes for haroset and kneidlach, which I will write ... sometime.

Wednesday, April 20

Wulfgar! is doing a great job in his coverage of the Bozeman School Board Race

On May 3, the voters in Bozeman face a clear choice in the race for their Elementary School District.

The Bozeman electorate can vote for two reasonable people who want to make their school board better (Sarah Garcia and Gary Lusin) or vote for a racist neo-nazi who represents a group that wants an education system like the one that "enjoyed an all-too-brief revival earlier this century in National Socialist Germany, before being outlawed by the advocates of permissiveness."

Cheers to Wulfgar! for keeping track of this. Link.

Tuesday, April 19

Jan Cahill; Please Explain What Happened in White Pine County, NV in 1995

First and for the record, I don't have a dog in the East v. Paris closure fight. No matter which school is closed, my kids will have to get on a bus and go halfway across town.

That said, I now delve into a subject that I believe needs to be addressed before the Great Falls School Board election on May 3.

One of the candidates, Mr. Jan Cahill, was the Superintendent of Schools for White Pine County, Nevada in the early 1990s. During his tenure, a series of financial improprieties occurred (see the linked minutes of the Nevada State Senate Committee of Governmental Affairs for March 23, 1995 and April 10, 1995). These financial improprieties led to Mr. Cahill's resignation, and the eventual receivership of the White Pine County School District.

In a nutshell, it appears that Mr. Cahill recommended, and the White Pine County voters secured, an $8 Million bond for the construction of two buildings, a new high school and a new middle school. As work progressed, costs for the new high school soared to over $12 Million. By late Spring 1995, the State Legislature had to pass an emergency bill (S-1948, for $2.8 Million) for White Pine County so that they could meet payroll. The legislature also passed at least two bills to audit the finances of the White Pine County School District, and those audits found a shortfall of $3.5 Million.

Allegations also surfaced that Mr. Cahill and the Board of Trustees went to great lengths (closed School Board meetings, misleading statements, etc.) to hide the state of the School District's finances from the public.

Instead of bringing up the subject himself and explaining the situation, at the School Board Candidate debate tonight Mr. Cahill spoke of his leadership in cutting costs at White Pine County.

I don't pretend to know all the details here. Mr. Cahill may have been the one honest man in a tough situation. However, before we give him the power to vote on how our school funds will be used, he needs to explain his involvement in the financial receivership of the White Pine County School District in Nevada in the mid 1990s.

Sunday, April 10

What A System!

Our State legislature meets for ninety-days every two years. During these this time, our elected representatives discuss weighty issues and make informed judgements on how Montana law is to treat these issues.

At least, that is the idea. As in most sessions, this legislature is significantly overhauling our tax code. Has anyone ever noticed that no tax accountants serve in the legislature?

No tax accountant could. To do so would mean giving up their practice, and the majority of their annual income, since the legislative session runs during an accountant's "tax season."

So, none of the people writing our tax law have beyond a passing familiarity with the operation of that law. What a system.

Saturday, April 2

RIP to a very good man

As the entire world now knows, Pope John Paul II has died. Although I have always thought to forego discussion of religion (in a blog ironically called "Treasure State Judaism), please indulge me a moment.

In the decades since Karol Jozef Wojtyla became the pontiff for the Catholic Church, relations between Jews and Catholics have become significantly stronger. This Pope declared that Jews and Catholics were brothers, and that we have a right to live as Jews. Given the history of the Catholic Church, such statements have strong meaning, as they renounce actions by his predecessors that caused misery for generations of my coreligionists.

Today I join my friends and brothers in the Roman Catholic Church, and I mourn the passing of a great man.

Friday, April 1

Wizardry, Ultima and Oregon Trail ... Oh My!

There were recently some posts on /. for

On the site, there is an Apple IIe/IIgs emulator, and the binaries for over a thousand old Apple programs. Children of the late 70s, rejoice!

How long will it take you to reach Oregon? How much will you make selling Lemonade? Can you defeat Wizardry?