Wednesday, December 20

Umm, I guess we get to choose?

I was intrigued by the story on Multiple Sclerosis featured on page one of today's Trib.

Apparently, Vitamin D may keep one from contracting MS. Where does one get Vitamin D? Sunlight.

Yes, the same sunlight that can cause skin cancer. The reason that so many people wear floppy hats and long-sleeved shirts at the beach.

If this study proves to be true, do we have to choose which we want, MS or Skin Cancer?

Remember Carl Sagan Today

Today is the 10th anniversary of Carl Sagan's death.

Sagan was one of the most important popularizers of science. His vision created a respect for the scientific process, reason and for nature in generations of children (and adults).

I miss this man. Today, we should remember him and his vision.

Why Does the City Erect Crèches on Municipal Property?

I have thought a long time about this post. I still don't know whether it is a good idea to write it or not. Quite frankly, I don't want my yarmulke nailed to the wall right next to Rabbi Bogomilsky's.

However, every time I pass by the crèche (manger scene) on the civic center steps or the one on flag hill, I get upset. By erecting these displays (or allowing them to be erected), the city is telling me that I really am not welcome here. Sure, I can live here; but just don't get too uppity.

I have no problem with the trees. For that matter, I can deal with (but am still unhappy with) the way that normal life grinds to a halt the day after Thanksgiving and only starts back up after January 1st. Truth be told, I think that the lights are pretty and I do like the smell of pine.

I also don't want to erect an "equivalent display." I neither need nor want to display a series of big, municipal chanukiot. The little menorah in my window is fine for me, thanks.

When it comes down to it, a crèche is just too much and just too in my face. It is overtly religious and Christian, and just does not belong on city property. If it does belong, why doesn't the city just put up a sign that says "Christians Only" at the gates of our town?

Bah, Humbug.


You may have noticed labels cropping up on my blog posts over the last month or so. I switched over to blogger's new beta, and labels were the feature that swung me over.

Not all my posts are categorized (yet?). Especially the older ones. However, as time permits I hope to put labels on my golden oldies.

While you are at it, check out the "label roll" to the left.

We Need to Put Up or Shut Up

Let me be clear; Great Falls and Cascade county would be fools to allow any encroachment on Malmstrom's runway. Our future is tied to Malmstrom AFB. We need to give the Pentagon every assurance that we support the base.

If you think that they are not watching our local municipal decision here, you are crazy. Whether or not we allow any development in the runway's potential accident zone will send a message straight to Arlington about whether or not we support the Air Force here. We need to send a full throated vote of support.

If we don't, I suggest you look to places like Havre and Fort Benton. Because within a very few short years, Great Falls will very strongly resemble those places. If we are lucky, we will be as successful as Shelby.

Not that my 2¢ means much, but I will work to oppose any city, county or state politician that votes to allow encroachment. I work hard to not be a single-issue voter, but this one is too important for the future of our town.

HOWEVER, we need to put our money in place of our mouths. We could not, and should not, take away property owner's rights to their own property without fully reimbursing them. To do otherwise would be as bad as stealing these landowner's property.

Whatever the vehicle used (an easement, eminent domain, etc.), the city and/or the county needs to buy that land and lock it away from development for as long as it takes. What's more, we should pay whatever the appraised value of that land would be if they were allowed their development.

Wednesday, December 13

Borscht for Beginners

Today for lunch, I visited an establishment in downtown Great Falls that shall remain nameless. This establishment prepares a different soup of the day, each day.

I was delighted to see "Borscht" on the menu. For the benefit of those of you whose ancestors were not living in fear of the Tzar 110 years ago (Fiddler on the Roof most resembles a family history to the Weissmans), Borscht (or "soup" in Russian) is what I call Jewish soul food. Absolute heaven. Such a meal!

I, of course, inquired about the Borscht. I was informed that it was a vegetarian beet soup, served hot. The horror! Quite frankly, I had never heard anything so goyish since I first saw a blueberry bagel.

So, a lesson is in order. During the summer, borscht is a COLD vegetarian beet soup, best served with a cold slice of baked potato and sour cream. Summer borscht is simply not served in the Winter, and December in Montana qualifies as Winter.

December in Montana, however, is a perfect time for Winter Borscht. Winter Borscht is a hot cabbage and beef stew. No beets. Beets belong in Summer Borscht. I can't imagine anything worse than hot beet soup.

I will dig out a recipe in the next few days.

Tuesday, December 12

Dror Edar to Perform in Great Falls on December 14

Dror Eydar, a lecturer in Hebrew literature, Jewish thought, Jewish mysticism and Israeli politics at universities throughout Israel, will present an evening of chosen Israeli and Jewish songs in Great Falls on Thursday, December 14 at 7 p.m. at the Cozy Tea Hut, 200 Central Avenue.

Eydar's performance, called "Heaven and Earth: The Israel Experience" comes to Great Falls courtesy of the Israeli outreach group SoulTrain in cooperation with Aitz Chaim, the Great Falls Hebrew Association.

Absence continues ...

Not a lot of fresh content here, and I can't promise much before the New Year. Of course, then it is tax and ski season, so I can't promise much then, either!

Do yourself a favor; go over to Firefly's place and read what she has been writing about Flag Hill. Then, go over to ECW and read about the finances of the new proposed coal plant. Good writing by thoughtful people.

Check back here every once in a while; I might even have something worthwhile for you to read. Not today, though.

Saturday, December 2

Game called for fog?

Boston University goalie John Curry searches for the puck in the fog as Matt Gilroy and Boston College forward Brian Boyle battle in front of the goal.To Terrier or Eagle alum, the annual BU/BC mens hockey game is a really big deal. Boston's version of the Cat-Griz game. To make things even better, CSTV was scheduled to broadcast the game last night.

So, I popped the popcorn, uncapped a brew (bought in a nice six-pack) and settled in to watch the game.

However, the game was called 10 minutes in due to ... fog. Couldn't even see the puck on the ice. Never saw that one coming.

Game is rescheduled for tonight. And damn, it isn't going to be on the tube here.