Thursday, January 17

Indefinite Hiatus

As may be obvious to some, this site is on indefinite hiatus.  There is a lot going on in Great Falls that deserves attention and analysis, but unfortunately, I find that I do not now have time to devote to my blogging hobby.

Sites like Electric City Weblog, Firefly, Greaterfalls and Cataract City are doing a great job and I salute these writers.  I hope to be back soon.  


GeeGuy said...

At least we know you're still alive!

david said...

He lives!

No worries, Aaron -- we'll be here when you come back!

Enjoy the winter wonderland!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your efforts to try and keep the downtown grocery store from closing. Hopefully another store will open soon after Albertson's closes on April 17. Thankfully single cans of beer will still be available for sale just across the street at Kum & Go.