Wednesday, April 20

Wulfgar! is doing a great job in his coverage of the Bozeman School Board Race

On May 3, the voters in Bozeman face a clear choice in the race for their Elementary School District.

The Bozeman electorate can vote for two reasonable people who want to make their school board better (Sarah Garcia and Gary Lusin) or vote for a racist neo-nazi who represents a group that wants an education system like the one that "enjoyed an all-too-brief revival earlier this century in National Socialist Germany, before being outlawed by the advocates of permissiveness."

Cheers to Wulfgar! for keeping track of this. Link.


Mike said...

I wouldn't be so sure that the voters in Bozeman really care about who they elect to the school board.
Their track record with Balyeat and Kookman, I mean Koopman, doesn't exactly make the voting booth in Bozeman the Beit Midrash of an educated electorate :-)
Chag Kosher v'Sameach Pesach!

Treasure State Jew said...

Mike; There are nuts everywhere. However, there is a difference in both quality and quantity between McGuire and the Gallatin county conservatives.

It is not lashan hora for me to say that McGuire and the National Alliance are evil. The things they stands for are evil. Any reasonable person should be disgusted by what he is saying and what he is doing.

Chag v'Sameach Pesach to you, as well!



Mike said...

Hi Aaron:

I would completely agree that there is no lashon hora involved in claiming McGuire and the National Alliance are evil. What they are doing and saying, and how it is being reported is a shanda.

Of course I would love to have a higher opinion of the Bozeman electorte, but their past history in such salient interests does not bode well.

Time to commence the finding and disposal of the chametz.


Treasure State Jew said...


It is a shanda. I think that the Chronicle should be taken to task for their reporting. I think that the problem is that in an effort to be fair and balanced, they elevate a ridiculous, holocaust-denying, evil viewpoint in order to place it alongside a reasonable viewpont (namely that we are people, too).

However, I think we get into a dangerous position when we lump people like Balyeat and Koopman with people like McGuire. Doing so actually makes McGuire look more reasonable, since he can start claiming to be linked to people that have their own constituency.

I prefer to leave McGuire twisting in the wind by himself. The vast majority of Montanans do not want anything to do with his racist ideology. I expect that the Bozeman School Board election will vindicate that statement.

Good luck finding the chametz. We have started, but much left to do before seder!

Gut Shabbos,


Wulfgar said...

Just wanted to say "Thank You" for the link. I'm very concerned about the McGuire thing. I know he won't win. But the strained gut of Bozeman is showing, and it ain't pretty.