Saturday, April 2

RIP to a very good man

As the entire world now knows, Pope John Paul II has died. Although I have always thought to forego discussion of religion (in a blog ironically called "Treasure State Judaism), please indulge me a moment.

In the decades since Karol Jozef Wojtyla became the pontiff for the Catholic Church, relations between Jews and Catholics have become significantly stronger. This Pope declared that Jews and Catholics were brothers, and that we have a right to live as Jews. Given the history of the Catholic Church, such statements have strong meaning, as they renounce actions by his predecessors that caused misery for generations of my coreligionists.

Today I join my friends and brothers in the Roman Catholic Church, and I mourn the passing of a great man.


Mike said...

There is a rumor that the Pope will be named a 'Righteous Gentile' in Israel...a well deserved honor.

Paul Zallekuipzmidg said...

But, sir, there is strong evidence that John Paul II was a false pope.

Paul Zallek
Great Falls, Montana

Anonymous said...

Mr. Weissman,

Recommended reading for those who revise history: