Monday, February 13

Preposterous Polling Place Plan ignores Popular Will

OK, my "headline" overstates the case here. The movement by the county election office is grounded in a reasonable desire to follow the law and accomodate the less fortunate among us.

I stand with the county in a desire to accomodate. As the good book says, "thou shalt not put a stumbling block before the blind." However, our goal here should be to accomodate the less fortunate while still maximizing everyone's convenience when exercising the franchise.

I submit that it is possible to do both. Leave our polling places as-is, and open the fairgrounds as an alternative for anyone who so desires or requires the accessibility of that location. Make copies of all county ballots available there, with maps and other information so that individuals can be given the correct ballot.

If the law does not allow for such a common sense solution, then the law is unduly restrictive.


a-fire-fly said...

Did you see the article in the paper about other counties that have diminished numbers of polling places? Wow, people voting GOES DOWN!!

Treasure State Jew said...

SallyT has a well-reasoned, well-researched and cogent post up on discussing this issue. Go read it.

I certainly hope that our county commission will not allow itself to be bullied here. If the law does not require these changes, we should not make changes that will serve as a detriment to the (small d) democratic control of our government.