Thursday, February 23

Thirteen New Inches ... so far ... This Week at Showdown!!!

Well, we got a little skiff here in the Electric City. Nothing to sneeze at, but just a skiff. It's all melting off as I speak (why did I bother shoveling this morning?)

But up by Neihart, it is a different story altogether. As of 2 p.m. today, 13 inches in the past two days. And it is still snowing!!!!

Click on the link over to the left and take a look. Better yet, I will meet you on Muley on Saturday morning for a run down the freshies!

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david said...

Yeah, I felt a tinge of "D'OH!" around noon, when all of the snow on all of the drives had melted 20 minutes of shoveling this morning for naught.