Wednesday, September 27

Fundraising Season is Ridiculous

OK, I understand that kid's groups need to raise money. I also understand that the only real way for them to do so is to sell crap.

Why, however, do all the groups in the city need to take the same four week period for their sales?

Right now, the boy and the girl are selling crap out of a catalog for the PTA. The girl is selling crap out of another catalog for her baton twirling group. The boy is selling popcorn for the Boy Scouts.

Now, realize that this is all very nice crap. However, people don't buy any of this stuff because they need it (with the possible exception of BSA popcorn, which is better than the stuff in the store). They do so to "support" the organization.

By scheduling all these fundraisers for the same time, these groups are causing these wells of support to dry up.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. If one works in a conventional office, it's even worse. We've had a parade of parents bringing in their child or their child's fundraising sheets and it's difficult to say no to some and not others. Then, of course, I get home and have neighborhood children wanting to sell me magazines.
At least saying no to the Boy Scouts is easy for me since they are a discriminatory organization.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Weissman,

I agree, there is much that is ridiculous about our society in general, so at this time may I suggest that you and your readers refer to for guidance in helping to bring order?

God bless you.

Treasure State Jew said...

Hey Anon #2;

I won't delete your post, but don't use my space to proselytize again. Don't you see something inappropriate in proselytizing your x-ian religion in a blog titled "Treasure State Judaism"?


Anonymous said...
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ZenPanda said...

the website listed is worse than x-ian... it's Catholic. *ugh*


ZenPanda said...

Anon #2...why not use your name or create a profile?

WolfPack said...

Anon #1

What kind of nut job would tell a 10 year old boy that he won't buy his popcorn because he is a bigot and than be happy because it was easy? You have to be proud of your superior morals, kicked any old ladies lately?

Treasure State Jew said...

First; Three cheers to Wolfpack.

Second; From this point on all proselytizing posts will be deleted. I have no problem (and am very interested in) intelligent theological discussions that involve multiple faiths. However, don't link to your religious site in this space and expect to get away with it.

I am very interested in discussing faith. I am not interested in serving as a platform for your attempt to convert others to your faith. As for myself, Judaism doesn't proselytize.

Anon #2, what part of "Treasure State Judaism" seems vague to you?

Anonymous said...

Hey Wolfpack,
Of course I wouldn't tell the boy scout that! Just because I stated a reason not to support the boy scouts doesn't mean I would berate the kid offering. It's not his fault.
Where in my post did I say I would call the boy a bigot? Try to calm down. The Boy Scouts are a discriminatory group that I have a right to support or not.
It is easier to argue with a straw man though, isn't it?

anonymous #1 said...

And shame on you, TSJ, for your "three cheers" for someone simply saying they wouldn't support a discriminatory organization. I would have thought you would continue your reputation of always being fair and balanced in your rhetoric AND to be more acutely aware of those who are discriminated against because of their religious beliefs. To many people, the fact that the Boy Scouts do not allow atheists into their organization is offensive as it is nothing more than religious discrimination.

Three cheers, TSJ??? Shame on you. I guess it's okay to discriminate as long as YOU aren't the one being discriminated against. Your three cheers make me want to puke.

Treasure State Jew said...

Will I apologize for supporting the Boy Scouts? Absolutely not. Scouting is an institution I am proud to support.

Scouting builds boys into young men. I was a Scout, and I am thrilled that my son is also a Scout.

anonymous #2 said...

and if your son was gay and they kicked him out, would you be thrilled?

I didn't ask you to apologize - lots of people support the Boy Scouts. How do you reconsile their discrimination about people of no faith or homosexuals? You okay with that?

Why is it okay with you that only children who express a belief in God can participate? Isn't that religious discrimination? Or is this something you just don't want to think about?

P.S. I was a Boy Scout, too.

Anonymous #2 said...

Whoops, sorry. I'm #1.

Anonymous said...

Spielberg resigns from Boy Scouts board
By Noah Davis| Tuesday, April 17, 2001
Hollywood - Oscar-winning producer and director Steven Spielberg announced Monday that he is stepping down from his position as an advisory board member of the Boy Scouts of America.

"The last few years in scouting have deeply saddened me to see the Boy Scouts of America actively and publicly participating in discrimination. It's a real shame," Spielberg said from a prepared statement.

"I thought the Boy Scouts stood for equal opportunity and I have consistently spoken out publicly and privately against intolerance and discrimination based on ethnic, religious, racial and sexual orientation."

At least Mr. Spielberg has some integrity.

WolfPack said...

The Boy Scouts is a spiritual organization. The real discrimination is from those outside of the organization who wish to force their atheistic views on the Boy Scouts. If you’re an atheist why would you want to join this private organization? Answer: Because you are intolerant of their right to believe different than yourself.

Treasure State Jew said...

I really didn't intend this thread to become a discussion about the Boy Scouts. However, a discussion about the foolishness surrounding the Fall fundraising season has apparently become just that.

The Boy Scouts is absolutely NOT a discriminatory institution. The BSA is a private, faith-based service organization. The BSA has no more obligation to enroll atheists than my synagogue has to enroll Catholics. Or, for that matter, for the Roman Catholic Church to enroll Jews.

As for the allegations of sexual discrimination, I also find them ridiculous. Sexual behavior, hetero or homo, has no place in an organization geared toward young children. Both my children are Scouts; neither the Girl Scouts nor the Boy Scouts are the appropriate place to discuss sex.

Anon #1; I understand, applaud and support the effort to bring equality before the law to all. However, when you go after the Boy Scouts you are trivializing an important cause.

Brian Westley said...

The Boy Scouts clearly are a discriminatory organization; they exclude atheists for not having a belief in a god.

There used to be a lot of organizations that wouldn't admit Jews; they were so common, they even had their own euphemism - restricted clubs. The BSA is a modern-day equivalent. Don't try to compare them to a religious group that only allows members of their particular religion; compare them to organizations that allow everyone, except those few who are singled out for exclusion. Just like restricted clubs of the 1950s.