Monday, May 1


Swim trunks and goggles: About $30.
Day pass to Nat: $2.50

Lapping your high school coach during a 500 free warmup: Priceless

All kidding aside, I hope that I am still swimming 30 years from now. Great paddling coach!


Eric Coobs said...

Interesting blog - Your blog caught my eye because I got my start in the supply business at Carl Weissman & Sons 25 years ago. Are you one of Jerry's kids?

GeeGuy said...

One of Jerry's kids? I'm pretty sure he can walk, Eric!

By the way, Aaron, I am doing the little triathlon at the PEAK. Did a trial run and was out of the pool in 00:10:30. (500 yds.) I know that's slow for you, but I only started swimming recently!

Treasure State Jew said...

The problems of being from a big family. Most people only know Jerry as one of Maurie's kids. 40 years from now, my kids will probably be asked if they are one of Aaron's kids.

Not a bad time at all. For my warm-ups, I usually average about 45-48 second lengths. For your first trial run, a 52 1/2 second length is quite respectable.

eric coobs said...

At the risk of dating myself, I just used the process of elimination. I knew you were too young to be one of Maury or Lens kids, and I knew Jeff's kids, but I didn't know Jerry's, so I was guessing.