Monday, November 20

Say it Ain't So!

A short break from local Great Falls political ramblings ...

A news item just crossed my inbox. Apparently, New Line cinema has fired Peter Jackson from directing their upcoming Hobbit movie due to a contract dispute over the Lord of the Rings movies.

LOTR would never have been such a faithful interpretation of Professor Tolkein's vision if it were not for Peter Jackson. As a result of his actions, those of that have spent part of our lives living and breathing Tolkein were shown three very majestic and inspiring films. There and Back Again should be nothing less.

Bring back Jackson! New Line should be ashamed.

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The Raving Norseman said...

Well, that stinks, but Hollywood has always been about the money, so it's no surprise. The lawsuit in question was brought by Jackson to get a better percentage of the merchandising, so New Line wanted to get that out of the way. Of course, New Line is still embroiled in a rights dispute with at least one other entity that claims the rights to The Hobbit, and while they all argue about money, those of us who would be happy to put it in their pockets for a good movie are ignored.

In the end, it might be just as well to have another production team take it on. I considered Jackson's vision of LOTR to be definitive, and yet problematic as regards the question of fitting the prequel in with the actors from the trilogy (Ian Holm's face had to be taped back for his one scene as the younger Bilbo, and I don't see that happening for a three-hour movie --and yet I'm not sure how a new actor would fit; and Ian McKellen ain't getting any younger, either). On the whole, I'd rather have a cohesive series, but it might not have been in the cards anyway.