Saturday, November 4

Vote Yes on Aquatics Bond Issue

Another issue that Electric City voters will have before them on Tuesday will be the aquatics bond issue. If passed, this initiative will spend $2.3 Million to fix up our neighborhood pools.

Specifically, about half the funds borrowed through this initiative will fix up the Jaycee and Water Tower pools so that they can be reopened. The other half will go to maintenance on the Mitchell Pool.

We need to keep our city aquatics facilities. Without this initiative, the Jaycee and Water Tower pools will have to be shuttered permanently.

Vote Yes on the Aquatics Bond Issue.


Anonymous said...

If I do vote on Tuesday, I'll probably vote "no."

Treasure State Jew said...

OK Anon, that is your right. What are your reasons for your vote?

I support the aquatics bond for several reasons. For one, I think that youth should learn to swim as a necessary skill.

Neighborhood pools give youth a safe place to go in the summer, and encourage exercise instead of zoning out in front of a TV.

A viable aquatics infrastructure also serves as an positive factor for potential residents, and by extension, for businesses that might decide to locate here.

I think that the pools should remain open and in good repair. That is why I support the bond issue. Care to tell us why you think it is a bad idea?

Dona Stebbins said...

Notice Anonymous said "If I vote?"
Let's hope he stays home:) People who don't care enough to vote generally don't bother to research the candidates and issues, either.