Saturday, December 2

Game called for fog?

Boston University goalie John Curry searches for the puck in the fog as Matt Gilroy and Boston College forward Brian Boyle battle in front of the goal.To Terrier or Eagle alum, the annual BU/BC mens hockey game is a really big deal. Boston's version of the Cat-Griz game. To make things even better, CSTV was scheduled to broadcast the game last night.

So, I popped the popcorn, uncapped a brew (bought in a nice six-pack) and settled in to watch the game.

However, the game was called 10 minutes in due to ... fog. Couldn't even see the puck on the ice. Never saw that one coming.

Game is rescheduled for tonight. And damn, it isn't going to be on the tube here.


Anonymous said...

On beer, is it legal to drink that refreshing beverage at Neighborhood Council #7 public meetings?

Treasure State Jew said...

Anon; Your sarcasm is appreciated. As for quaffing a brew at the meetings, I really couldn't care less. However, I suspect that our hosts at the Heisey Center wouldn't approve.

Anonymous said...

To whom at the Heisey Center do I address this matter of possibly tossing down a single can of M&H beer at Neighborhood Council Seven meetings?