Wednesday, December 20

Umm, I guess we get to choose?

I was intrigued by the story on Multiple Sclerosis featured on page one of today's Trib.

Apparently, Vitamin D may keep one from contracting MS. Where does one get Vitamin D? Sunlight.

Yes, the same sunlight that can cause skin cancer. The reason that so many people wear floppy hats and long-sleeved shirts at the beach.

If this study proves to be true, do we have to choose which we want, MS or Skin Cancer?


Dave Budge said...

Choice #3. Calson's lemon flavored cod liver oil. Really quite edible and chock full of both Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D.

One word of caution. If you're getting a lot of sunlight - as in the summer months - stop taking the cod liver oil. Too much vitamin D can be toxic to the liver. But it is the perfect supplement for the long winters of Montana.

Courtney said...

I don't have the article anymore, but I was reading a magazine that had a lot of evidence behind statistics showing MS incidences increase the farther away from the equator one goes. I don't put a lot of stock in statistics, but it seems to support the Vitamin D theory.