Tuesday, December 12

Dror Edar to Perform in Great Falls on December 14

Dror Eydar, a lecturer in Hebrew literature, Jewish thought, Jewish mysticism and Israeli politics at universities throughout Israel, will present an evening of chosen Israeli and Jewish songs in Great Falls on Thursday, December 14 at 7 p.m. at the Cozy Tea Hut, 200 Central Avenue.

Eydar's performance, called "Heaven and Earth: The Israel Experience" comes to Great Falls courtesy of the Israeli outreach group SoulTrain in cooperation with Aitz Chaim, the Great Falls Hebrew Association.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Dror Edar performance.

I notice that there is an unusual Jewish sect attending the meeting in
Tehran. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/6171503.stm

Bizarre ay?

Treasure State Jew said...


More that bizarre. Obscene.

The Sitmar have every right to object to the State of Israel.

However, by participating in this travesty, they violate the memory of those that lost their lives in the Shoah. This is almost the definition of a shanda.

Treasure State Jew said...


The following news item crossed my inbox. It is relevant to your post.



Satmars: Hasidim who attended Shoah denial conference are 'reckless outcasts'

By Shlomo Shamir

NEW YORK - Leaders of New York's ultra-Orthodox Satmar community vehemently denied any connection with the Hasidim who participated in the Holocaust denial conference held in Tehran last week and met with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

New York Satmar leaders, who usually avoid all contact with members of the media, on Friday took the unusual step of issuing a press release slamming the "reckless outcasts" who took part in the Tehran gathering. The statement said that through their participation these individuals turned themselves into Holocaust deniers and joined those who dismiss the extent of the murder and cruelty and diminish the number of the victims who were murdered because they were Jewish.

A separate press release issued by the Satmar Congregation Yetev Lev in Brooklyn took pains to establish that those who participated in the Iran conference do not belong to their community.

It is a big mistake, the statement continued, to call them rabbis or Hasidim just because of the way they dress.

The position of the Jewish delegates, the Satmars said in the unusual press release, "is contrary to the teachings of our venerated Grand Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, the founder and leader of the Satmar movement."