Tuesday, June 19

Comments to City Commission, 6/19/2007

Madame Mayor and Honorable Commissioners;

My name is Aaron Weissman, and I am the chairman of Neighborhood Council 7.

At our last neighborhood council meeting, concerned neighbors brought to our attention no less than five problem properties plagued by petty crime, gang graffiti and drugs. In addition, we have been made aware of continued vehicle break-ins during the night.

I would like to also take this opportunity to encourage my neighbors and all city residents to take common sense actions to avoid vehicle break-ins. Do not leave anything of value in your vehicle, and especially not in visible areas. Lock your vehicle. If at all possible, park it inside or in a lighted area.

All of these problems seem to be centered on the lower North side, mostly along the 9th Street corridor. Our council feels that the only way to positively affect these problems is for the city to spend increased attention on the area.

Unfortunately, the same neighbors that came to us about their neighborhoods also reported slow responses to their complaints from the police department.

We all know that the summer brings out the worst in some people. As the season progresses, we need to increase our attention on the problems to keep them from getting out of control.

In addition, our council would like to thank the city for beginning a study of traffic on 9th Street. We continue to feel that the speed of traffic along this street is inappropriate for the neighborhood. Please keep us in the loop as to the results of your study and for your ideas to control that traffic.

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