Wednesday, June 20


I guess I am not the only person questioning why the city is apparently ram-roading a $330 thousand increase in expenditures in order to give the GFPD responsibility over animal control functions. Last night, a citizen was thrown out of the city commission meeting and arrested over her comments on just this issue.

There is a healthy discussion going on over at Geeguy's place over the three minute rule. My 2¢ about that is as long as it is equitably and fairly enforced it is probably OK. However, that is not the subject of this post. I would rather use this space here to talk a little bit about the problem that this unfortunate woman raised.

I brought this up yesterday. I would like to see it articulated exactly where the Humane Society has failed to perform their contract. If they have, this point is moot and they should probably be fired from this job. However, if they have performed, why is the city even considering such an expensive replacement?

Worse, this procurement process seems to be flawed. All I know about this is what I read in the paper. However, what I have read does not reasonably equate with what I know of how the government is supposed to procure goods and services.

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