Wednesday, June 20

A Fair and Equitable Process

Something very interesting is going on; a presently outsourced function (operation and management of the animal shelter and animal control functions) is being re-evaluated by the city for operation by either the present, private (but non-profit) contractor or a city agency.

I would categorize this as an attempted in-sourcing of a presently out-sourced function. At least in federal procurement, there are rules governing how that is supposed to happen. Those rules are written in an Office of Management and Budget circular called A-76.

Now, the city has no obligation to follow federal rules of procurement. However, these rules are time-tested and have been proven to be both fair and equitable. I challenge the city to apply similar rules to their procurement process for animal control functions. To do so would remove any doubt about the fairness and honesty of the city's final decision.

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