Tuesday, August 30

Help the Hurricane Victims in the Gulf Coast

Hurricane Katrina created billions of dollars in damage, uprooted hundreds of thousands of people and destroyed tens of thousands of private homes. We do not yet know the cost in injuries and deaths.

Will you consider helping by donating to a disaster relief fund? There are many to choose from. I have attached an email I just received from the Union of Reform Judaism. The URJ has created a fund, and is housing refugees at its campsite in the area.

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From: URJ.ORG [mailto:urjurj.org@urj.org]
Sent: Monday, August 29, 2005 3:16 PM
Subject: Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who have been affected by Hurricane Katrina's destructive force. While the extent of the damage will not be known for several days, even weeks, it is anticipated that the damage will be substantial, affecting large parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. The Union for Reform Judaism has therefore opened its disaster relief fund to aid both our congregations and the general communities affected by the hurricane. You may donate now at http://urj.org/give/

Canadian residents: if you wish to receive a tax receipt, please send your donation directly to the Canadian Council for Reform Judaism at 3845 Bathurst St., Suite 301, Toronto, Ontario M3H 3N2

Using the following guidelines, a task force of lay and professional leaders will help us determine how best to allocate monies raised through the Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Fund:

* The Union will evaluate which organizations are best equipped to provide direct services and make donations to these organizations

* Member congregations that sustain damages that are not covered by insurance may receive funds from the emergency relief fund

Information regarding the hurricane and contribution allocations will be updated on the URJ website www.urj.org/relief as we receive it.

The Jacobs Camp in Utica, MS, is providing food and shelter to those who were forced to evacuate, including members of New Orleans area congregations and the residents and staff of the Louis Davis Developmental Center for Adults with Cognitive Disabilities.

Through our concern and support, may we strengthen those who are in need.


Robert M. Heller
Chairman of the Board

Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie

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