Wednesday, August 31

Assessing Blame Right Now is Wrong

Lately, a number of blogs on both sides of the political spectrum have been attempting to score political points over the crisis caused by Hurricane Katrina.

On one side of the aisle, guys like Matt Singer are trying to blame the extent of the damage on Bush. On the other end of the pendulum, people with axes to grind remind us that 9/11 was "worse."

Guys, can we please rescue the survivors not yet evacuated and bury the dead before we start the recriminations? Let's all pull together now; there will be time enough for this crap next week or next month.


david said...

Right on, Aaron -- such political hack-speak is appalling in light of this catastrophe.

The Raving Norseman said...

Exactly so. One moron I read rather smugly chided Louisiana and Mississippi voters for electing Reagan over Carter in 1980, because if Carter had been re-elected, this wouldn't have happened!

Geez, guys, don't be so happy people are dead so you can try to score Gotcha! points, m'kay?

Treasure State Jew said...

That said, the response so far from the government is a national disgrace. I am getting angry at the actions, or rather lack of actions, taken by the government since Tuesday.

C'mon, this is the United States of America!!! We can't provide food, water and shelter to our own citizens in one of our own cities?

ZenPanda said...

On the O'Reily factor last night he had a point I agreed with on this as well.
*the government should freeze prices on gas

If we can help the people who were displaced by the Tsumani, the starving in Africa and the countless other countries who ask for help we should be able to take care of our own.

My thoughts & prayers are with them.
(When I get my first paycheck much of that will go to one of the relief funds)


Treasure State Jew said...


I don't think a price freeze is a good idea. Freezing prices below market only creates shortages and long lines. We tried that 30 years ago; didn't work then, and I don't think that it will work now.

What we need to do is crack down on any price gouging. The market price will increase to factor in the cost of rebuilding. That is uncomfortable but necessary. However, any seller that looks to this as an opportunity to treble or quadruple their profit margin is another story alltogether.

To help, please remember that the Great Falls and Montana Jewish communities will be selling silk magnolias (the State flower of LA and MS) at the Farmer's Market in Great Falls tomorrow morning. All proceeds will be sent to the disaster relief fund. We are calling this the MAJCO Magnolia Mitvah project.

C'mon down and buy a few flowers.