Thursday, August 4

The Hiatus Continues

Well, this blog is still on hiatus. I expect to be posting again in a few weeks, after this crazy summer begins to slow down.

In the meantime, have you been reading The Electric City Web-log? This blog is spot-on in some of its commentary on the goings on in our city. Many times in the last few weeks, I have been tempted to write a post on the Wave Rider, the Skate Park, management of the Four Season's Arena and the Explore the Big Sky event. However, I have been pleased to find that GeeGuy has got it covered.

Also, I highly recommend Mike's blog, The Last Best Place. Mike has an interesting perspective on agriculture in Western MT, and gives another Jewish perspective to living in the Big Sky State.

Both blogs are very worth reading. Hopefully, I will be back before too long.

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