Wednesday, August 31

NOLA Disaster Requires your Assistance

The images and stories coming out of the disaster that was New Orleans are horrifying. This is not the time for politics or debate. Now is the time to provide help.

Personally, I believe that the city must be moved. It makes no sense to mock nature by living under sea level between two large bodies of water.

Even after the immediate effects of the disaster are tallied, an almost incalcuable human cost will have to be borne to move and rebuild.

As others have noted, there will be significant costs throughout the US, as well. Much of our country's oil comes through the Gulf Coast; that spigot has now been closed. The flooding has almost certainly wiped out much of this season's rice and soybean crop; the cost for those staples will dramatically increase.

There are many worthwhile charities. Give to at least one of them.

UPDATE: FEMA has a list of charities attempting to help on its website.


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Treasure State Jew said...

I am not sure if the comment above is comment spam or not. So, I am leaving it.

However, this blog is here for neither proselytizing nor selling. Relevant comments only, please.

Mike said...

I believe it was indeed spam, the most non-kosher of all meat by-products :-)