Friday, September 2

City Water Park Plans similar to NY Park that Sickened Thousands

A quick break in the NOLA disaster coverage.

As I posted here, the city has big plans for its water recreation facilities. Specifically, they plan to build "splash parks."

The Tribune article talking about the parks noted that

An advantage to splash decks is that they don't require staffing. If the city decided to go with splash decks, another decision is whether to recycle the water or investigate the possibility of reusing it to irrigate the park or run it into the storm drain system.


As far as I can figure, these "splash parks" are very similar to a park in New York that was recently closed due to an infestation of a parasitic waterborne infection called cryptosporidiosis. Thousands were sickened.

The New York Times wrote about the situation here.

And this is what they want to use to replace the Water Tower and JayCee pools?

OK, back to posts on Katrina.

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