Thursday, September 1

Aitz Chaim to Raise Money for Katrina Victims this Weekend

The devastation in the Gulf States continues to overwhelm me. Quite simply, it is time to show that we are a generous people and that you must give as much as you can to help the victims.

In recognition of the disaster, a number of blogs have announced today as "Blog for Relief Day." This blog is one of them.

You can find more information on the Blog for Relief Day here, or a list of charities here. Please help those that are now suffering.

Mike, over at The Last Best Place blog, has compiled a list of Jewish charities here. I am giving my money to the Union for Reform Judaism Disaster Relief Fund. Give to any worthwhile charity. However, be sure to check out the organization before you send money; unscrupulous individuals are taking advantage of the situation to bilk generous individuals.

Also, for those of you in the Great Falls area, individuals from Congregation Aitz Chaim, the Great Falls Hebrew Association, will be selling silk magnolias (the State flower of Louisiana and Mississippi) at the Farmer's Market near the Civic Center on Saturday, September 3. All proceeds will be sent to the URJs Disaster Relief Fund. Look for us next to the nice lady selling tie-dye shirts.

Please note that as this is an event on shabbos, the event is not sponsored by Congregation Aitz Chaim. It is an individual effort by a number of its congregants.

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