Saturday, September 3

Thank You Great Falls

Just got back from the "Magnolia Mitzvah Project" fundraiser. We raised


at the Farmer's Market today. All of the money was sent a few moments ago to the Union for Reform Judaism Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Fund.

I am overwhelmed the generosity of the people in Great Falls!

I usually don't wear my hat as President of MAJCO (Montana Association of Jewish Communities) in this blog, but consider this a challenge from congregation Aitz Chaim to all of the other Jewish communities in the State; can you raise more?


Mike said...

Yasher Koach!! If an entire city could be a mensch, Great Falls would definately be one!

ZenPanda said...

It was nice to meet you. I finally got the post up so please take a look.

Congratulations on your successful fundraiser.