Tuesday, September 13

Gov. Wilson Goes Beyond Blame to Provide Workable Solutions

Today's Wall Street Journal features an editorial by former California Governor Pete Wilson (registration required, non-free) that goes beyond finger pointing to provide workable solutions to the long term problems facing New Orleans.

Although it may be cathartic, it is ultimately unhelpful to spend our time pointing fingers. Yes, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was a failure by our government on all levels. For the past fifty years, local, state and federal resources should have been addressing infrastructure shortcomings in New Orleans. In the days preceeding the Hurricane, the mayor, governor and FEMA should have taken the city disaster plan off the shelf and implemented it.

After the Hurricane, the Mayor should have established immediate command and control. The Governor should have activated the National Guard. The President should have been immediately responsive. None of these things happened. We can either point fingers and say nyah-nyah, or we can roll up our shirtsleeves and try to do better next time.

I would rather work for the latter.

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