Tuesday, January 3

The Nat is Now Open!

The Moroney Natatorium has reopened after its winter refurbishment! Over the past three weeks, the pool was emptied, scoured and cleaned. Some new paint is on the walls, and there was some minor electrical work completed.

For one, I cheer the reopening. In the interim period, I have been swimming at the PEAK, a private health club. The PEAK is fine and good (and very expensive), but I don't like the pool as much as the Nat. The PEAK uses a salt-water purification system that adds too much boyancy to the water. In my opinion, that extra boyancy makes swimming too easy, and makes it harder to get a good workout. The 1,000 yards I just swam are much harder in the Nat than in the PEAK, and that is a good thing indeed.

That said, the Nat keeps its water much too warm.

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