Tuesday, January 3

So Why is the City Throwing Away $120k?

Now that I have your attention, I would like to start telling a story that dovetails nicely to the discussions about golf course mismanagement we have been discussing in recent weeks.

Apparently, last Fall the staff at the Nat procured a grant for $120,000 to install a new pool liner and piping system for that pool. The work was supposed to begin in November and take a month. As the Nat always closes for a few weeks in late December, that schedule would work nicely.

However, just before work was scheduled to begin, one of our esteemed city commissioners (I don't know for sure who, but my suspicion would rest with the one commissioner who is also building contractor) put the kibosh on work to begin because of some questions about pipe integrity. The company that was going to begin work answered those questions, but the commission never gave the final go-ahead for work to proceed.

Now, the Nat just re-opened after a three week closure. We have lost that window to perform that work. Worse, I understand that the grant funds must be returned if not used soon.

I am told that the same commissioner who stopped that work from proceeding has cavalierly told the city employees who received that grant to just "re-apply." Now, there is no guarantee that the re-application will be approved, and in any case many tens of city hours (on our dime) will be wasted in grant preparation.

Proper management of our city assets includes not deferring maintenance on those assets, especially when funds exist for that maintenance. I would like to know the whole story here. Anyone know more about this situation?

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