Thursday, January 5

Post Office Policy Encourages Identity Theft

I just had to do some business at the local Post Office. As is my habit, I presented the clerk a Visa card to pay the charges.

On the back of all my credit cards, I have written "Please Check ID". I also gave the clerk my driver's license.

The clerk told me that she could not accept that card, as she could only accept signed cards.

What brainless buffoon of a bureaucrat made up this policy?

I have made a choice to attempt to protect my identity by marking all of my cards so that an ID must be presented and matched to the card and my person before making purchases. Post Office policy undermines that attempt, and I suggest that it encourages identity theft.

Oh, she didn't have any problem with me signing the back of the card in front of her and then giving her the card.



Sarpy Sam said...

I had a long discussion with my local postmaster over this same issue. It didn't do me any good, she said only a signed credit card could be used. How stupid.

ZenPanda said...

A few years back I was told by my cc company to sign the card inaddition to "see ID". (Not that my signature is visable after a month in my wallet)

Justin said...

My dad's had the same problem lots of places. I do the same as panda, I singed mine and wrote "Please check ID" on the back. I don't know if it works, the only place I've ever used it is at the gas pumps once or twice.