Thursday, October 18

Bypass??? What Bypass?

Dave over at Dave's Gift Shop Weblog has an interesting post up on his site supporting the idea of a Southern bypass.  (Dave, I would have left this post as a comment on this site, but didn't want to deal with the tsuris of creating an account on your wordpress).

Now, I think that a Southern bypass is a good idea.  I think that it has been a good idea for the 30 years it has been proposed.  My only question about the current plans for the "Southern Arterial" is that the current plan is NOT a bypass.  It will not be an "Interstate 25."

According to current plans, we are to spend between $100 Million - $162 Million for a 2 to 4 lane local road with controlled intersections every mile or so.  The likely speed limit on this road will be 40 MPH.

So, why are we building this?  It isn't to get a bypass.  It is to get an Arterial; one that likely will be not too much more than an opportunity for commercial development.

Now, commercial development isn't a bad thing.  However, it isn't a bypass.


david said...

I think we should use the term "Southern Expressway" -- because that is what most people (I think) want -- an "express route" from the West side to the East side (and vice-versa). Maybe only three or four intersections -- at 9th, 15th, 26th, and then 57th.

ZenPanda said...

I would like to know where the info about it being I-25 was from.

Treasure State Jew said...


The reference to I-25 comes from a comment GiftShoppeGuy made in his post. I submit that such an idea was the original plan for this route.

As originally planned, this new route was going to be a bypass, one that would have shunted truck traffic off 10th Avenue South. To my mind, that means a highway. Highways don't have stop lights every mile.

GiftShoppeGuy said...

Controlled Access is the key term here. When I see Controlled Access written on anything, I'm going to think *interstate*.

From what I've been reading of late, this new stretch of highway will be anything but a typical 4-laner like 10th Ave South.

This NAFTA-related corridor or "expressway" or "bypass" is interstate 25 (it is an NHS High Priority Corridor), coming in from Billings off of interstate 90.
(interstate 25 is supposed to run with interstate 90 from Buffalo Wyoming to Billings Montana, then cuts off on it's own and heads north to Great Falls)
The interchange for this takes place at or just south of the airport, and yes, it is to be a part of the yet incompleted Camino Real Corridor (corridor 27)