Tuesday, October 30

Revised Cost Estimates for One Way Conversion

I just got back from the Council of Council's meeting. Andrew Finch,
the senior transportation planner for the city, gave a presentation
on the BID's proposal to convert downtown one way streets to two way.

I will spare you from the entirety of the discussion. However,
remember the city's original estimate of $500,000 to perform the
conversion? Mr. Finch told me that the State transportation
department added some requirements to any conversion that will push
the cost of the conversion to the range of $1.5 Million - $2.5 Million.

Anybody still think this is a good idea?

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mary jolley said...

I no longer think it is a good idea. I had to leave the meeting early to meet with Firefighters.
Arron, from an earlier post, a supena( I can't spell that word and I'm so off spell check is clueless as to waht I want) is not a jail sentence. I do not believe the City Commission has any power to jail someone who does not appear to testify. I have been asking simple questions for over two and a half years and have yet to receive simple answers. Early in Donna's term I first mentioned the procedure for reviewing past actions of the commission. I do not think that at the Town Hall meeting I threatened jail to city staff. I do not want any one to go to jail. I want answers and in the future a comlpete record of work sessions and commission meetings. We need an accurate record of those who disagree with city staff. A fine example of a city with minutes that reflect pros and cons of all issues is Billings. I read them when I wondered why they had not chosen to join othe cities in the attempt to by Northwestern Energy.
Residents should be able to read what transpires and not have to attend meeting or watch TV.
City elected officials need a small office with 5 computers and 5 email accounts.All emails re: city business should be public record.
5-0 votes, 99% of the time and no abstentions? Ever?
To remove any conflict of interest no elected officials would join the City self funded health insurance plan.
The City audit committee is another rubber stamp with no “outsider” and is 2 years due for a new appointment. A real outsider should be appointed and not someone who relies on city funds for their own agency.
Analysis & Budget, in 2002 there were 9 employees in 2006 zero. Why is this department listed as a duty of the Asst. Manager, but no longer has employees? Fiscal services audits itself.
Boards and Commissions, never report at commission meetings. I suggest we set up a schedule, make them report and be made aware of those who miss 3 meetings. Per city policy missing three is cause for removal. No city employees should be appointed.
Never again have staff negotiate a no bid GO Bond. Staff "negotiated" a private issue bond for 1.5 million to pay for our city's design of the coal plant. The Bond costs 3 X’s as much as the pool bond.
Consent agenda – no controversial issues allowed.
Remove limitation on speech content at meetings.
Staff reporting that there is “No risk” and no “downside” are wishes not realities.
If city staff want to be business leaders, leave city employ, use your own funds.
OPEN GOVERNMENT, every piece of paper, note,document,phone log, email sent or received is to be available for inspection with very few exceptions.

The city web has "Frequently Asked Questions about the City Commission" and there we read that anyone can ask city staff to write an Ordinace and the commission will vote on it. This would be a nice way for Neighbor Councils to promote their agendas.