Monday, October 22

Candidate Stand on Police Staffing Levels

During the last two candidate forums, I have had the opportunity to ask a few questions.  In the next three posts, I will attempt to summarize my questions and the responses received.

Question:  Over the past several months, the Great Falls Police Department has been operating at less than a full budgeted force.  What are the reasons for the staffing shortfall?  If this is a problem, what would you do to correct it?

Bronson:  Insufficient pay is the reason for the problem.  He would offer more pay to officers.  He also feels that the new contract with the Police Beneficial Association will solve much of this problem.  He says that he has reviewed the contract.

Helnsley:  Insufficient pay.  She would offer more.

Jolley:  Insufficient pay.  She would offer more.

Jovick-Kuntz:  Insufficient pay.  She would offer more.  She also feels that it is a problem that communities like Missoula hire officers that we have trained in our police academy, which is recognized to be one of the best in the region.  She feels that we are training individuals and then they are being hired immediately by other communities that offer more pay.

Kahn:  Insufficient pay.  She would offer more

Lewin:  Lewin recognized that insufficient pay was part of the problem, and that we should offer more.  He also referred to "the elephant in the basement," which was duplicative services being performed by both the city and the county.  He would like to work with the county to combine services whenever possible.

McKnight:  Insufficient pay.  He would offer more.

Stebbins:  Did not attend October 17 forum.

Steele:  Insufficient pay.  He would offer more.

For those candidates that did not attend or wish to further explain their answer, I offer comments on this post as a public forum on this issue.

UPDATE -- GeeGuy has posted a video of the candidate's answers on this question up on his blog.  Instead of reading my very sparse notes, go view the candidate's answers yourself!


GFgirl said...

According to the notes I took at the Oct. 17 debate, Susan Kahn wondered if the police department is getting all of the money they should be getting.

Treasure State Jew said...


Sorry. My error, I had not transcribed her answers from my notes. She answered all three questions, and her answers are now up in the posts.

Thanks for catching the flub!

GFgirl said...

Your welcome!