Monday, October 22

Candidate Stand on Southern Arterial

Question:  Last month, the City and State held a public meeting to move forward their plans for a Southern Arterial connecting 57th Street to I-15.  Their idea is not for a bypass, as was the original plan for this route.  Do you support this plan, and if so, what do you envision for this new road?  Will it be like I-115 in Butte, King Avenue in Billings, etc.?

Bronson:  Did not attend October 20 forum.

Helnsley:  Did not attend October 20 forum.

Jolley:  Attended public meeting, and listened to about 70% of attendees that they did not want this route.  She thinks this should be studied further, but wonders why we are building a bypass that will not be used by any through truck traffic.

Jovick-Kuntz:  Did not attend 10/20 forum.

Kahn:  Supports construction of road.  Unclear as to design.

Lewin:  Supports route as good opportunity for well planned commercial development, with service roads, etc.  Does not think route should follow alongside Missouri, thinks it should cross it to minimize environmental impact.

McKnight:  Does not support condemning any private property for public road.  He discussed his grandparent's home in Western Montana, which is now under I-90.

Stebbins:  Did not attend October 20 forum.

Steele:  Thinks a bypass for truck traffic is a good idea.  Agrees with Lewin that it should not be alongside river, as that makes roads icy.

For those candidates that either did not attend or wish to further explain their answer, I offer comments on this post as a public forum on this issue.

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Susan Kahn said...


At this point I do not have a position on the southern arterial. I would like to explore other options.