Thursday, January 13

The Blizzard was Oversold

Well, I spent the last few days battening down the hatches. With predictions of -35ºF before windchill, I have been closing down every crack and crevice where heat could escape both the house and the office.

Yesterday, I walked to work in a balmy 27ºF. By 10 a.m., the temperature had dropped to -5ºF. And then it stayed there ... all day.

This morning, it was a pleasant -14ºF, with a predicted high of -9ºF. Not exactly Hawaii, but not -40ºF with 50 mph winds, either.

Oh, for the skiiers out there; Showdown is expecting a high today of an almost tropical 10ºF. I just love that magical inversion on the Meagher/Cascade border!

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david said...

I know that I should probably be relieved that the "blizzard" wasn't as severe as the forecasters predicted...but I'm a bit disappointed. Am I bad?