Wednesday, January 5

Get this; The French Resent American Tsunami Aid

The Belgravia Dispatch posts a review of an article that just appeared in Le Monde. Apparently, the French resent the prominent role of American aid to the tsunami victims in SE Asia..

Maybe I am naive, but I had hoped that politics would be divorced from this tragic situation, at least until we had finished counting and burying the dead. Guess I was wrong.


Anonymous said...

Hey Aaron,
Found your blog via Sarpy Sam.Tried to email this article to you - but can't find an address for you. You may have seen it from yesterday's Washington Post:
Stingy Westerners

Treasure State Jew said...

Thanks for the link. I had not seen the article.

You know, I think that $350 Million is a lot of money. That $350 Million does not include private donations (which are significant) and the cost of utilizing our military to provide assistance.

Whatever the naysayers imply, the American people are responding generously to this tragedy. As well we should.