Tuesday, January 4

Ho Hum, another Blog

Oh. Another Blog. How ... original?

So why am I writing this? I am certainly not looking for a following of readers and there doesn't appear to be any money in it.

However, I think I have an interesting perspective, and I like to write. I am also very tired of all the partisan crap that has been floating around since the beginning of the last election season.

We are not a nation of red and blue thinkers. The vast majority of Americans, and certainly Montanans, definitely think, and decide, in shades of purple.

I have rarely met someone who thinks entirely in "Red" or "Blue". Myself, I am a committed burgandy. Many of my friends are decidedly lilac. (OK, I am stretching the analogy to the point of silliness. But I am almost done, so hear me out.)

So ultimately, a defense of the radical moderate will be the point of many of these posts. For it is the ticket-splitter who is the real free thinker.

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Anonymous said...

From: Sarpy Sam

Exactly the reason I blog too. Not for the money or fame, which there is none, just since I have an opinion that isn't always seen out there and I want to broadcast it.