Sunday, January 9

A Pleasant Weekend

What a wonderful weekend. Spent two days with the computer off and took the kids skiing.

My daughter did great in her first day of Youth Snow League. My son also did well, even if he seems to be against the whole notion of turning. I had a lot of fun, but twisted my knee into a position it really didn't like. Sometimes I miss being 18.

Anyway, to everyone in Great Falls freezing in the -5ºF, it is good to remember Showdown's famous inversion. About four miles past Neihart, a miraculous thing always seems to happen; the temperature skyrockets. That inversion seems be localized right around King's Hill.

Anyway, while the entire State shivered in the deep freeze, the temperature at the top of the double chair read 34ºF! Remember that next week, when Great Falls is supposed to dip to -40ºF.

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david said...

Wow -- I'm not the only Great Falls blogger!