Tuesday, April 4

CAMERA Exposes Mazin Qumsiyeh's lack of Credibility

Last Fall, an anti-Israeli (and, I submit, more than borderline anti-Semitic) organization called "Wheels of Justice" toured Montana at the invitation of several "Peace Seeker" groups throughout our State. That organization brought with them a former Yale biology teacher, Mazin Qumsiyeh.

I just learned that The Committee For Accuracy in Middle East Reporting has published a paper about Qumsiyeh. That paper is available here.

I know that Qumsiyeh is still regularly published by several organizations in our State. Those organizations should be aware that Qumsiyeh is less interested in the truth than he is in eliminating the continued existence of Israel. Any organization supporting Qumsiyeh should be aware that by extension, they are supporting the same goal.

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