Sunday, April 2

Revised Animal Control Policies Should be Swiftly Approved

This is a good policy.

After about six months of work and hard listening, Humane Society director Chuck Tourtillott has come up with a revised animal control policy for the Electric City. The committee drafting the policy includes Tourtillott, Mayor Dona Stebbbins, Sue Ann Stephenson-Love, Park and Rec official Jon Thompson, Sherriff's representative Linlee Van Wicklin, Veterinarian Jack Newman and Retired Police Chief Bob Jones. This policy has excised some ideas that were, let me say, daft.

Among the excised ideas;

  • Requiring cats to be collared and leashed when outdoors (every try to walk a cat on a leash?)
  • Restricting dog ownership to two animals
  • Increasing cat registration fees to the level of dogs.
Of course, not everyone is happy about this new policy. Today, the paper quoted an individual who was upset that wandering cats kill neighborhood squirrels.

And that is a bad thing?

See here and here for some of my thoughts on our infestation by the evil tomato eating Chip and Dale.

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