Monday, April 3

I Haven't Felt That Self-Conscious since the 10th Grade ...

Regular readers of this blog may recall that I regularly swim during my lunch hour at the Moroney Natatorium in downtown Great Falls.

Well, to make a long story short, my high-school (and jr. high; and grade school) swim coach has also begun swimming during the noon hour at the Nat. The Nat was very crowded this afternoon, and we shared a lane.

I haven't been that self conscious in a very long time. In my mind, I could very clearly hear him, at the top of his lungs; "Hustle, Hustle Weissman! Get that head down Weissman! Stretch on those kick-offs Weissman! Why so Pokey, Weissman?" He wasn't actually saying any of this, mind you. I don't know if he was even thinking it.

Coach Bob was a very large influence on my life. However, I don't know that I need to relive the past so quite so intimately ...

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