Friday, October 27

Benefis ER is Top Notch

In this space, I have reserved a great deal of criticism for the administration and management of medical care here in the Electric City. However, I would like to take this opportunity to note what wonderful care we do have here, despite the bickering and fighting between the CEO offices of the various institutions providing that care.

I spent a great deal of last night in the Benefis emergency room, tending to an elderly aunt who had fallen earlier in the evening. The ER staff was professional, kind, considerate and attentive to her needs. She had broken her femur, and the staff their deserves all the kudos and kind words I can muster.

I fear, however, that the professionalism and devotion to patient care that was so evident to me last night does not extend to management offices of the Hospital or the Clinic. Despite this, their staff does a great job.

If any of you read this space, thank you for the care and attention you gave my Aunt.

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Anonymous said...

Let us be very thankful for the ladies who first brought organized medical care to the Electric City many years ago -- Catholic Nuns. May they all rest in eternal peace.