Tuesday, October 3

ECW and Firefly have Brought Legitimate Concerns about Judicial Hypocrisy

In a fascinating and well researched series of posts, Firefly and Geeguy have explored JP Sam Harris' culpability in the death of form JP Mike Smartt.

In addition, they have exposed Harris' hypocrisy; made evident in a series of posts Harris made in an online gaming forum. Their work was the subject of a front-page story in today's Trib. (While Newhouse attributed his source, he could have provided a link.)

Now, with the possible exception of breaking and entering Smartt's office, nothing that Harris did was illegal. However, Harris' posts ("The last time I got gay porn off a guy's computer it cost me 2 years of my life and ended with the guy hanging himself,") show a contempt for human life that is jarring.

In addition, Harris' self serving quotations to the Tribune (he said that Smartt's gay porn images "will remain with me for the rest of my life." He said he "couldn't sleep that night and kept visualizing another of the screen images of 'one man giving another man oral sex.'" Earlier Harris had said that, as a result of viewing the images, "my stomach has been upset and I am having difficulty sleeping.") during his castigation of Smartt have been revealed to be the worst of hypocrisy.

At the end of the day, Harris brought this upon himself. If Harris had not made a point to castigate Smartt over his online sexual exploits, Harris' posts could and should have remained his own business. However, those in glass houses should be wise enought not to throw stones.

Geeguy and Firefly's investigative reporting have resulted in a Steven Fagenstrom sign on my lawn. Thank you for your good work.


Anonymous said...

Dear Honorable Councilman,

What's on the agenda for next week's Neighborhood Council 7 public meeting? And thanks for your efforts to help make Great Falls a safer place for the children.

Treasure State Jew said...


Thanks, but I am not sure that I deserve any honorific. In my opinion, the whole idea of the neighborhood council system is that neighbors get together to make their neighborhood a better place.

I have not yet received an agenda for next week's meeting. I will post it as soon as I get a copy.

RH said...


Saw you come up in the ECW comments and thought I'd say "hi". I've only scanned the site, but it looks great. (And I'd totally go with the "Honorable Councilman" thing.)

Drop a line at some point -