Tuesday, October 3

Mandriva 2007 Released

The newest flavor of my distro of choice was released this morning. I am downloading it now.

This new version includes the latest Gnome 2.16 and KDE 3.5.4. Posts about the release have made much of a new 3D desktop.

Since Mandriva 2005, my linux has not been as stable as I would like. (It is more stable than Windows, but that ain't much of a complement). I am going to try out 2007, and will report my thoughts here. However, if it suffers from as much feature bloat as 2005 and 2006 without comparative stability, I will be searching for a new distro. I hear great things about Ubuntu ...


Sarpy Sam said...

I tried Ubuntu on a new laptop. I never could get the driver for the wireless card to work. I feel back to my favorite Gentoo and it worked no problem.

Basically I was not impressed with Ubuntu. I couldn't configure it the way I wanted.

craig said...

I heard lots of hype about Ubuntu, but I evidently don't get it.

I'm using about 5 different distros lately, and I'm really becoming partial to Fedora.

I've been thinking about giving Gentoo a try, but it sounds to be too time-intensive to me.

Sarpy Sam said...

I will admit that Gentoo takes a little more time to set up, but to me it's worth it once it is done. At least it isn't as bad as it used to be now that stage 3 installs are the norm. When you used to put it together from a stage 1 install it did take a really long time.