Tuesday, October 10

Jury is Still out with Mandriva 2007

Well, I downloaded the 4.3GB install DVD for Mandriva 2007, and so far I have only installed it on my old workhorse 1 Ghz AMD. Install went smooth, and the eye candy in KDE is very nice.

From some very light usage so far, it seems more stable than the 2006 install. However, I think that some of the squirrely behavior might be due to a failing graphics card, which isn't really the fault of any OS.

From what I have seen so far, Mandriva with KDE is a very smooth and polished OS, if a bit slow on that older machine. However, IceWM is still a very viable option and let me get my work done very quickly.

I will post more after I have had the opportunity to use it more.

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