Thursday, October 12

My New Favorite Blog

Lately, I have been fascinated by OrthoMom, a blog written by an Orthodox Jewish mother living in the New York area.

Click here to read her update on a developing scandal in Staten Island, about a kosher grocery store selling non-kosher chickens as kosher birds, at a kosher price premium.

The tale reminds me of one told by my Great-grandmother, about why she stopped keeping kosher.

During Butte's heyday, there were three synagogues and a kosher butcher. My great-grandmother kept kosher, and regularly purchased the family meat from that schochet. One day, it became known that the butcher bought one cow from a local rancher. The next day, the shop had three fresh beef tongues for sale.

The next day, my great-grandmother stopped keeping kosher.


Anonymous said...

perhaps prior to speaking (and writing) Loshen Hora...yoou may want to actual read the blog by orthomom you refer to...There WERE NEVER ISSUES OF KASHRUS> the store in question supposedly mislabeled an KAJ or similiar chicken, as an Empire..BOTH KOSHER> PAY ATTENTION> Bracha66

Treasure State Jew said...


You are right. A more thorough reading of Orthomom's blog makes it obvious that while the store in question may have been overcharging customers, they were not passing off non-kosher birds as kosher.

The situation in question is several thousand miles away, and I linked to the blog because I found it interesting and reminded me of the stories told to me by my bubbe and alta-bubbe about the kosher shochet in Butte around 1915.

I apologize for any misrepresentation. However, I still find the blog interesting.


Treasure State Jew said...


OK, I am now paying more attention. This article says that the store in question was selling non-kosher birds.