Saturday, March 11

Blogging Pretty Light this Week

You know, there is something very interesting about this blogging phenomena where a blogger feels guilty about not posting in a while. I mean, this isn't a job where I have to write anything, I just like to write and spout off my opinions.

Anyway, I am pretty busy with a new project at work and I haven't been paying as much attention to the world in general for the past few weeks. That and the fact that it is my wife's tax season makes life pretty hectic.

More than anything else, I would like to spend the time to write something cogent about this Benefis/Clinic debacle unfolding in our courts and on the front page of our paper. For as long as I can remember, the Clinic and the Hospitals (actually, the entire Great Falls medical community) have been fighting over something or another (usually money). Maybe the old bromide is true that smart doctors are good at treating patients, not at practicing their business.

I am a consumer of health care. With a family of four, that is quite a few dollars (from my perspective, anyway). It seems to me that all of these folks should, and in fact have a vested interest, in getting along.

Instead, they fight and invest money in duplicative resources. Money goes to lawyers and to providers of high cost high-tech medical gear for two (or more) of the same piece of equipment.

There was a WSJ editorial last week that I think got it right. It tracked the cost for LASIK eye surgeries since their FDA approval. It turns out that most commentators are wrong; competition is generally good for the consumer, even for medical care.

How is that for a stream of consciousness rant? More later.

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