Tuesday, March 21

Israeli Rock/Folk Personality Yehuda Katz to perform at Baker Bob's this coming Saturday night!

Yehuda Katz, described by some as the Jewish Jerry Garcia, is returning to Great Falls for his second concert in the Electric City!

Katz, the lead vocalist, songwriter and guitarist for the hit Israeli rock group Reva L’sheva (which means “Quarter to Seven”) will perform in Great Falls for a free concert on Saturday, March 25 at 7 p.m. at Baker Bob’s Backstreet Pub, 112 Central Avenue. Food and drinks will be available for purchase from the pub. Please note the change in time and date from that published in the Aitz Chaim newsletter.

Katz’s group, a Grateful Dead-inspired, quasi-jazz inflected, Rock and Roll “jam band,” performs in the style of the Grateful Dead and Phish, with a Jewish flavor. A student of the “singing rabbi,” Reb Shlomo Carlebach, Yehudah Katz performed with his teacher around the world. Yehuda grew up in a traditional Jewish home but had left religion for many years. During that time he grew close to The Grateful Dead and many faithful "Dead-heads". He claims that it was at a Dead concert that he had his first open experience with Godliness, reflected through the performance of lead guitarist Jerry Garcia. This opened the door for him to be connected with Reb Shlomo.

This event is sponsored by the Israeli rural outreach group Soultrain and Aitz Chaim, the Great Falls Hebrew Association.

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ahavah said...

great!!! i am an aquaintance of him and have seen him play many times when i lived in israel. should be a great show.
rak brachot,