Tuesday, March 14

A Prediction; Mercer to challenge Burns in Primary?

I have never claimed to have finely attuned political senses. However, this one strikes me as so obvious that it is almost a given. However, it is just a WAG (wild assed guess).

Let's get this straight; one of the most prominent Republican voices in the State resigns from his high-profile job as a Regent in the University system at the same time that our junior Senator's popularity is reaching all-time lows due to a DC scandal.

Am I the only one that smells a primary challenge here?


Sarpy Sam said...

I think that Burns will pull out of the primary so someone can run in his place. That's why Mercer all of a sudden resigned. Either he will run for the seat himself or will run for the House seat when Rheberg jumps up to run for Senate when Burns pulls out. Sounds a little conspiratorial but it sounds plausible.

Treasure State Jew said...

Very plausible. However, Burns is raising a ton of dough; why would he do that if he his pulling out?

That also assumes that Rehberg is willing to give up his sure thing House seat, one that comes with membership on the Appropriations committee.

dona stebbins said...

The Tribune quotes you this morning, Aaron. Mercer says he has no intention of running.
Isn't it nice that the Trib is following the blogs?