Tuesday, March 7

Said my piece

Well, I said my piece at the meeting. Greg also gave a nice speech decrying the NIMBY attitude that seems to surround any new growth.

When it comes down to it, Stuart Lewin is right. Our municipal planning has been exceptionally sloppy for the past several decades. We need better planning as we develop the property around our town. However, punishing Walgreens for playing by the poorly written rules is wrong.

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dona stebbins said...

Aaron, thank for your insightful and thoughtful comments during the Commission meeting. It was a difficult decision to make in light of the neighborhood's feelings.
I feel confident that Walgreen's will be a fine addition to Great Falls, and a good neighbor. And the major point is that commercial development IS welcome in Great Falls.
If I seemed hasty in cutting Mr. Faccenda off, it was only after he made the same four points three times, and others were waiting to speak. I find it ironic that he sided with the neighborhood this time. I recall years ago that he was one of those who strongly supported the Fairfield Inn rezoning over very strong opposition from the neighbors. In fact, that issue toppled Mayor Ardi Aiken and blessed us with Gayle Morris who was strongly supported by Mr. Faccenda. I guess a person's point of view changes depending on whose ox is being gored.
At any rate, again thank you for your well-reasoned comments. And thanks to Gregg Smith as well, for pointing out the NIMBY mentality that has mired our city in the mud of stagnation for many years.
Coma again, and speak often.